Undyed Meta Giant Yarn

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This yarn straight off the spinning wheel is the foundation of our Meta Giant Yarn and due to interest we are releasing a limited batch of these big beauties in their raw and undyed state. These hanks are 200g each and at least 28m in length.

Dye them yourself or use in their natural state, these hanks are perfect for a soft and squidgy blankets, a cosy snood or scarf or weave into a project for a sensational texture, let your imagination go wild.

If you have never bought or used hand spun, undyed yarn before, remember the yarn is individually made and unique. Therefore by its nature you will find it slightly uneven in texture. 

Some of this unevenness will be alleviated through the dyeing/washing process but be aware if dyeing, the yarn may naturally felt slightly so handle with care! Cool, gentle hand wash only .