A Love affair with Super Chunky Yarn..

By Caz Davies

A Love affair with  Super Chunky Yarn..


I'm Caz and I'm the Maker & Designer behind Wulla. Designing and making yarn has been a passion for the last 7 years. I specialise in big, bold, super chunky yarns with attitude!

I have a love affair with chunky yarns. I bought my first jumbo knitting needles at a yarn fair at Alexandra Palace but was disappointed that I could not find any yarns chunky enough to use with them. Struggling to find the kind of yarns I wanted to use, I took the initiative and decided to make my own. I took a short course in Handspinning, bought my own spinning wheel that week and never looked back! Before long I was experimenting with colour and texture. 

Wulla is the culmination of this experimentation and play. I never want my craft to loose that playful side. I always want to keep pushing boundaries, trying new things and pushing my abilities.

Chunky yarns have a textural allure which add another dimension to fibrecraft projects. They are easy to use and handle, especially of you are new to crochet or knitting and give plenty of bang for your buck. Compared to traditional styles of yarn, you can whip through a project in no time, a definite bonus when you are new to a craft and want a bit of instant gratification. Even the most ardent fibre crafter can get bored or waylaid in a project and need something a little different to peek their interest.

If you are new to chunky yarns, I hope Wulla will give you some inspiration and ignite the super chunky yarn passion in you. Give me a follow on IG & Facebook to see the latest on my yarny journey..




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